What’s up Wednesday: The Final Countdown

Thank you Jaime and Erin for hosting What's up Wednesday these last two years! I have met some of my favorite writing people through it. You guys are amazing! Here's the last, What's up with me... What I'm Reading I just finished reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell, and it was everything fantastic and awesome that …

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Psst. Yeah, You. I Have Agent News!

This is so exciting! I was with her, spooning out queso on a plate, when she got the email setting up the phone call. While she was cautiously optimistic that this was THE CALL, I was exuberantly certain. And now I am flaily and joyous.

confessions of a fangirl

I’ve been on the query roller coaster to find an agent for a few years now. More years than I’d like to admit, but that’s life. It started with my first definitely-not-ready-to-query manuscript that I was so damn proud of. Looking back, I’m not at all surprised that I only got a few full requests and mostly form rejections. Parts of it were good. Most if it was not.

But I learned so much from that book. How to create well-rounded, relatable characters, how to develop a more exciting plot, how to hone my voice. I also learned how to move on from a book that’s going nowhere.

Fast forward to 2014. I finally became a published author. I caught the eye of a small digital-first publisher in an online contest and publishing LOVE AND CUPCAKES became a reality. But I still desperately wanted an agent. I wanted a champion…

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