Author Mentor Match: That’s a Wrap

What a wild ride that was. When the Author Mentor Match submissions window opened it felt more like a floodgate had broken. There was a wealth of brilliant ideas, kernels of genius, clever characters, and inspirational concepts. There was a lot to work through and a very hard decision to make. We conferred behind the …

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Author Mentor Match: Seeking Unicorns

In the YA and MG (that's Young Adult and Middle Grade, for those accidentally wandering onto this blog) community, helping other writers find their voice and reach their potential is a common, time-honored tradition. This community is one built by readers, and many writers working to be a part of the published YA or MG …

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Book Activism: January/February

Though these be reviews in nature, I prefer to think of them as raising awareness. Book activism, if you will. There will be links to further check out these titles should my enjoyment make you curious. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne If you follow me on any social media platforms, you will have already seen me gush over …

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