Title: Of Blood and Promises

Genre: YA fantasy

Status: TBA


For unruly Tree-girl Aliah, there is only one thing she loves more than scaling a Banyan’s trunk — Aiken. He’s her protector, her family by law, and the son of her power-hungry guardian. Loving him is allowed. Acting on that love is forbidden. 

Aiken promised he would never leave Aliah, but his future lies with the King’s guard, not her. It is his only chance to escape the weight of his father’s control and the torment of loving a girl he can never have. But when Aliah is betrothed to the crown prince, his path to freedom becomes infinitely longer than the seven-day journey from the Great Forest to Capital City. 

Thrust into claustrophobic castle life, their faith in each other begins to crumble beneath the pressure. Then the murder of one of Aliah’s friends within the castle walls sends them spiraling in opposite directions. Aiken turns spy for the King’s guard and plummets into the seedy underbelly of Capital City in search of the killer, while Aliah, trapped in the castle for her protection, uncovers a clue to the murderer’s identity and begins to unravel a dark secret at the heart of kingdom. 

Bound by love. Torn apart by duty. Aiken and Aliah discover that some promises can never be broken and some secrets are better left hidden. 




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